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Established in the year 1958, D. Wamadeo & Co. started its own Freight Broking House in the early years of the Mumbai Shipping Industry. It was being formed by Late Shri. Wamadeo Mahadeo Deosthalee who took the initiative of entering and giving a new vision to this Trade.

At a very young age, he worked as a clerk for a couple of years in the Great Eastern Shipping Company through which he got an idea of starting his own freight broking company.

During earlier days, a Freight Broker’s profile was to promote and protect the common business interest of all firms and individuals engaged in Overseas Freight booking by SEA in general and to maintain a very good relationship with all local shippers / consignees and overseas Shipping Lines.
His two sons – Mr. Narendra Wamadeo Deosthalee (Mr. Rajan) & Mr. Gurudatta Wamadeo Deosthalee (Mr. Nitin) & his own brother –
Mr. Shreekrishna Mahadeo Deosthalee (Shree Kaka)
contributed immensely to the Trade & with higher responsibilities shared a common vision & helped him to gain a goodwill of this organization in this Trade.

All three of them strived and took the initiative to develop a long-term business relationship with their customers & the Shipping Lines. The relationship founded on their ability helped them to identify and recommend the best solution for each customer's business environment. Apart from the purview of this business, all three of them made their contributions in developing social networks in this Trade and provided employment to the much needy professionals in various departments of the Shipping Lines.


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